July 1, 2012

Hoopfest...Oh Hoopfest.

So here in Spokane, there is this little thing called Hoopfest. It happens every year and it's the largest 3 on 3 street basketball tournament in the world. With 458 courts, it covers 42 blocks of downtown.  FOURTY TWO. Yeah, it's pretty big. It's great for basketball lovers and for downtown's economy but it brings out some of the most colorful characters (to put it nicely). I'm talking Jersey Shore length dresses, more boobs than I care to see, the constant sound of dribbling basketballs...basically it's a time of hibernation for people who actually live in Spokane. All of the out of towners think they are in Vegas and go crazy, starting fights, throwing up EVERYWHERE(I saw this), peeing wherever they like(I saw this too) and just trashing the city. It's insane.

Today they begin tearing down all of the hoops and all of the crazy people go back to where they came from and all will be right with the world again. I'm currently thinking about what to cook for dinner, cooling down from the gym and getting ready to get back to creating my new website!

Have a lovely Sunday and try to stay cool, wherever you are!

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