July 8, 2012

A hiatus of sorts?

Hello! I probably won't be posting as regularly for a while. I don't currently have money to buy craft supplies that I want, I have not gotten the domain name or server for my website, so I can't sell vintage yet and I don't have a camera usb cord for my rebel, so I can't take nice photos of the food that I make. Until I have time and money to get these things, I feel like I'm just "trying to take up space" on my blog.

So do forgive me for not posting as much, but I will be back! With a brand new blog design, web site, vintage store, recipe section and craft section! I'll continue to comment on all of your lovely blogs during this time, so don't worry all 23 of my followers...I'm not leaving completely! Just busy busy busy and getting ready to have a lovely blog that not only you will love, but more importantly that I will love.

You can always keep in touch via facebook, twitter, instagram or pinterest!
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xo Laura


  1. Btw, you're doing a wonderful job of making a beautiful blog that's a joy to visit!

    1. You are the sweetest! Thank you, lovely.