June 12, 2012

Happy and Clean Tuesday!

Currently I'm deep cleaning my house. Usually that would not make me very happy but having this house clean and it being so bright in here makes me oh so happy! Vacuuming from floor to ceiling and dusting everything in between. Windows open, cats going crazy...just another day in the life.

I've been absolutely in love with this terrific song lately and I thought I'd share it with you guys. Hope you all have a lovely Tuesday!

My Boy Builds Coffins by Florence and The Machine on Grooveshark


  1. oh man, isn't a clean house the best?! the process is long and exhausting, but totally worth it. want to come help me with mine next?!

    1. Oh yes! Honestly I would love to. I hate cleaning my own house but cleaning someone else's has always been so much easier for me.

  2. Pretty song!!! She has a great voice, very unique.