April 15, 2012

Well, here we go!

    Hello! This is my first post on what I hope to be a fun and adventure-filled blog. I've been wanting to start a blog like this since I moved. Well, I suppose I should probably start out by telling you a bit about this "moving" that I'm talking about.
    I moved from my hometown of Birmingham, Alabama (which I have lived in since the day I was born) to my new home of Spokane, Washington on October 27, 2011. If you are wondering, that is a grand total of 2,284 miles but it has honestly felt like a vacation since I arrived. I love living here so far. A lot of changes, obviously. I went from living with my dad in Sweet Home Alabama, surrounded by humidity and dozens of "Bless Your Hearts" on a daily basis to living with my boyfriend right in the middle of downtown Spokane where it's still snowing on the first day of spring and everyone on the street either minds their own business or asks you for a cigarette.
    I moved in with my boyfriend, whom I met via the internet over 3 years ago, and he is all about taking care of me. I have chosen to take care of most of the cleaning and cooking while he is at work (which if you knew me at all, you would know this was an adventure in itself!). I have never been a cooking/cleaning type of girl but I think I have transitioned quite well! Well, except my boyfriend has gained 20 pounds since I started cooking for him. Oops!
    Coming from the south, our idea of cooking is not usually “healthy” but I’m working on that. This blog will contain: my change from unhealthy to...healthier, recipes that I’ve found and loved, pretty vintage things, crafts and (hopefully) DIY tutorials, pictures from trips we take and other things that I encounter as I get used to being a bit more domestic and a bit more northern than I’m used to. I’m still getting used to people saying “pop” or “soda”. In Alabama, everything is Coke!
    My boyfriend still finds things I say ridiculous but not as much as some of his friends and family. They have a good time making fun of me on a daily basis. Anywhere from the way I pronounce things to asking about common misconceptions people have about the south. (No, I’m not married to my cousin) It’s all in good fun though and I love it here. No humidity and I can walk anywhere I want, whenever I want. Not to mention living with my boyfriend whom I love so very much. You know, life is pretty sweet!

Also, if you had any questions about the name of my blog: A) In the south, we have shirts that say "G.R.I.T.S" which stands for girls raised in the south. That's what I am...A Northwest Girl Raised In The South B) What is more southern than grits?! So there you go!

xoxo Laura

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